Политика конфиденциальности

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Roulette No Zero today is considered one of the most popular table games, which can be found at Vulcan Casino. The main feature of this gameabsence on the game wheel sign «zeros;. Playing roulette without zeros is easy as a table game and easy to learn; it is available in both the free and the money versions.


Rules of the game


The player must select a face value chip in order to wager. The chip is selected with the cursor and moved onto the playing field. You can increase the amount bet by clicking twice on the denomination with the left mouse button. Every combination made will be highlighted, so the player can keep track of them. If you want to cancel the bets made completely, you should click on the icon «Clear».
It is possible to cancel all bets simultaneously or only some of them. To do this, simply place the cursor on the chip on the playing field with the symbol «X»
and mark it by clicking with the left mouse button, then make a mark on those bets that you want to remove from the playing field.
After all bets are done, click on the «Rotate» icon. If ball after spinning the roulette wheel has hit the player's previous bet, the amount of the winnings received will be automatically credited to the player's account. The amount credited will depend on the amount of bet made, the odds and a number of other factors.

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The love for slot machines is nurtured by quite a large number of gambling people. However, under the current legislation of most countries of the former Soviet Union, the vast majority of establishments that allow the implied pastime, declared outside the law. From that, however, to play has not become more difficult, because in recent years, the Internet has almost completely superseded the need to visit places of gambling – to put it simply, today on special sites on slot machines can play for free and even without registration. Although the latter option, of course, is not available in all virtual resources. This is due to the full reality of the money invested in the game and, consequently, the winnings. One of the most popular online games of this plan is, of course, the European roulette or the European version of roulette. In online mode you can get access to it on the slot machine & ‖ Vulkan» where to play online for free and without registration – too option, but not the best. Authorization before playing on the famous site «Vulkan & raquo; opens up more benefits for users – substantial winnings, bonus programs, etc. Probably every gambler in his time thinking about how to secure their own bets on the network, because, despite the convenience of playing online, just one short break with the Internet, can fail the whole session. So, some gaming sites, including those providing no deposit bonus for registration provide for return of the money to the rotation of roulette in the absence of connection to the Internet. Disconnect after this operation – progress of the game will be saved on the server, and when you resume, you can continue it from the place where it was completed. That is, in case of any force majeure, the money will not be lost.